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EGSDC 2022 Qualifiers to ISSDC

Congratulations and well done to all participants of the first National Space Design Competition in Egypt, EGSDC 2022!

A huge thank you to the 45 participants who registered for the competition from multiple regions of Egypt. We thoroughly enjoyed judging your 18 essay submissions.

The challenge presented was to design Bazol, the Foundation Society’s first Lunar habitat on the far side of the moon. The purpose? A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for high-value products.

We have been impressed and very proud of the quality and standard of the submissions, considering that English is not the native language as well as EGSDC22 being the first time the competitions have come to Egypt.

The EGSDC is proud to congratulate the following 7 students who have produced the top 3 submissions, in alphabetical order:

Ahmad Mehrez Menna Mohamed Hassan Ibrahim
Ahmed Khairy Abdel-Mobdy Hassan Menna Mohamed Migahid Maklid
Mariam Mehrez Omar Barakat
Marwan Magdy Abdel-Hady Mohamed

The organisers of the Egypt SDC thank you all for taking part and making this year’s edition of the EGSDC a memorable experience. We were thrilled to witness the enthusiasm for the competition and hope that this year’s essay-based format will lay the foundations for a live event next year.

Special thanks to Loay, Farah, and Alina for your collaboration and outstanding efforts as EGSDC Lead Organisers.

Watch this space!